5 golden rules for storing wine

Wine is a living product that develops over time. These five rules are the key to perfect wine storage. The result is better durability, improved taste and an even better wine experience.

1. Correct and stable temperature

Wine must not be stored too hot or too cold. The ideal storage temperature in the wine cabinet is between 6 and 10°C for white wine and between 14 and 18°C for red wine. Storing at these temperatures will also ensure that the wine is at the correct serving temperature.

2. Optimal humidity

The correct humidity level for wine storage is between 50 and 70 per cent. Lower humidity can cause the cork to dry out and draw in air, which can reduce the quality of the wine. Temptech’s HumidFlow technology ensures that all our wine cabinets have a humidity level of between 50 and 70 per cent.

3. Protection against heat and sunlight

Too much light can speed up the wine’s ageing process. Sunlight also contains UV rays that can damage the wine. Most of our wine cabinets have glass doors containing protective UV filters. The internal LED lighting in the cabinets also does not give off any heat.

4. Protection against unpleasant odours

Odours from wooden shelves, for example, can penetrate through the cork and reduce the quality of the wine. Our wine cabinets have untreated wooden shelves that do not emit odours. The wine cabinets are also equipped with an active carbon filter that cleans the air in the cabinet.

5. Low vibration

Vibrations can come from the compressor, for example, and can spread out into the wine cabinet via the shelf system, resulting in a detrimental effect on the wine’s development. Our specially developed AntiVibe vibration dampers are positioned under the compressor and significantly reduce vibration. Most of our wine cabinet models also have AntiVibe on their shelves.