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Wine Cabinets

Temptech is the largest producer and supplier of wine cabinets in the Nordic countries. Our quality wine cabinets ensure optimal storage conditions for your wine collection. We have a wide selection of wine cabinets with over 60 different models of different sizes and colors – for private or professional use.

Temptech vwcr46ss vinskap

Built-under wine cabinets

Our Premium and Elegance wine cabinets can easily be built into any kitchen. Choose between one or two temperature zones and various sizes and colors. Browse the models here.

Temptech OBIU60DSS vinskap

Integrated wine cabinets

Wine cabinets for full integration in the kitchen. Our Oslo series is designed for seamless integration in the kitchen. Take a look at our integrated models here.

Temptech MW95SBS vinskap

Freestanding wine cabinets

Elegant, freestanding wine cabinets with a stylish design and one or two temperature zones. Capacity from 6 to 34 bottles. Browse our freestanding models here.

Temptech vwcr166ss vinskap

Large wine cabinets

Large wine cabinet with capacity of over 100 bottles with optimal storage conditions for the wine collection. For professional or private use. Browse our large wine cabinets here.

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