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App functions

Learn more about the benefits of using Vinotag to organize your wine collection.

Download Vinotag

Available for free in the Appstore and Google play

Visualize the contents of the wine cabinet from your smartphone

See a digital view of the wine cabinet from your smartphone. Choose between a graphic representation of the cabinet or a list display (wine list). The contents of the wine cabinet and their exact location are available and can be changed anywhere and anytime!

Save time and create a professional wine register

With Vinotag’s smart and fast functions, there is a lot of time to be saved. Manually completing wine cards is time-consuming, but with Vinotag it will only take seconds! Take a picture of the label through the application, and Vinotag will extract all useful information from Vivino and create a fully completed wine card that can be customized as desired.

Not sure where the bottles should be placed? Vinotag can help you place the bottles using its ESommelier® function. This assisted placement technology can recommend the ideal placement of the bottle by hand. Recommended placement is shown with a sticker in the digital view of your collection, and all you have to do is place the wine!

See inventory in real time

Are you standing at the liquor store and wondering what you have in the wine cabinet? Are you having guests and are unsure which bottle of wine to open?

Vinotag is very practical by giving access to the wine stock through the application, which means that you no longer need to have physical access to the wine collection. Have a full overview with the exact number per wine at all times and see their exact location in your wine cabinet.

Looking for a specific bottle in your physical collection? Select the “Show in wine cabinet” button and the application will show you where the bottle you are looking for is located.

Enjoy your wines at their peak!

Perfect timing has never been easier! – Long-term storage of wine is an art in itself and certain types of wine need several years to reach their full potential. This means you can quickly forget about bottles, with Vinotag you can adjust the minimum and maximum storage time to be notified when the wine reaches its peak.

Taste the wine at the right time with full aroma – Vinotag sends you a reminder!

Remote control of wine cabinets

Vinotag is also equipped with a remote control function, which is compatible with selected models from La Sommeliere. The “Remote” function allows you to adjust temperature, lighting, alarms and the parameters of your wine cabinet wirelessly from your smartphone.

*Functionality only compatible with La Sommeliere APOGEE series

Virtual inventory of the wine cabinet

With the Vinotag application, you will have access to a virtual representation of your wine cabinet through your smartphone at all times. Get a full overview and manage your inventory from anywhere. The digital version of your wine library also helps you search and find bottles instantly.

  • Make it simple to keep an organized wine registry!
  • Access to the wine cabinet stock anytime and anywhere!
  • Locate bottles quickly and easily!

Powered by VIVINO®

Vinotag is connected to the world’s largest wine library Vivino. This means that you do not need to identify your wines manually, but rather take a quick picture of the label which will give access to a pre-filled wine card with all available information about the wine.

  • Take a photo of the bottle’s label in the app
  • Receive a completed wine card in no time
  • Learn more about the wine in stock

Receive recommended location with artificial intelligence

The eSommelier function is a unique and patented technology that helps you position your bottles. This assisted placement technology recommends the best available placement for the best possible aging based on the wine.

Recommended placement is defined according to the available spaces, the aging time and the type of wine to be placed.